Coming off AD’s

So….it’s been a long time since I wrote  last.

I’ve been on the citalopram all this time, and have decided it’s time to come off. Went to see my doctor who thought it would be good to taper down to 10mg for a month and see how I go from there. I think I’m about two weeks in so far and feeling ok. I have been a lot more tearful than normal and slightly more irritable but other than that not too bad. I did get my period early though and have been breaking out in pimples like crazy which is super annoying! Once I completely come off the citalopram I will start taking the Nuwoman 30plus pills again which did seem to help me last time I was taking them.

So yeah, nothing much new to report.

Other than the fact that I’m hating work at the moment and looking for a new job (which has not been helping my depression!).

Anyway just thought I would note this down so I don’t forget (seeing as my memory is still CRAP).

Ooh and I’m going to P!nk in just over a month’s time! Cannot WAIT. But eek I have to try and get my full licence by then or otherwise I will have to stay in Auckland for the night and take two days off work instead of one.

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