What makes me unique

So on the back end of World Suicide Prevention Week, which one of my fantastic friends wrote some awesome blog posts about here http://betterbutnotwell.wordpress.com/ I thought I would write a bit about the theme of this year – no one else can play your part.

This is so true. Everyone in the world is a complete individual, no one likes the same things, and no one does things the same as another person. We are all unique. And no one else has lived the same life as what you have….or how you will live your life in the future.

So I decided to sit down and write some things that I love, that are important to me and that make me who I am:

Family, friends, flowers, sunsets, sewing, fabric, cats, the beauty of New Zealand, food, movies, reading, Waipu Cove, Star Wars, Harry Potter, books, the beach, shells, art, beautiful scenery, photography, the moon, weather, snow, christmas, jigsaw puzzles, Linkin Park, music, Lord of the Rings, old houses, travel, Europe, hot rods, gardens, games, bbq’s and cider, nature, animals, walking, sunshine, vintage things. Being creative, emotional, shy, loving, kind, caring, a good listener, intelligent, stubborn, untidy, procrastinating, pretty, petite, funny, and totally weird and wacky 🙂 hehe the last one runs in my family – we are crazy but totally AWESOME.

So this is me. No one else like me in all the world. No one else can play my part.

So…that also got me thinking….what is my part? What part have I played in life so far?

I am a wife, a mother of an incredible little girl. I have a fur baby. I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world (yes I am a bit biased…especially seeing as I haven’t seen many others in person!). I am the daughter of great parents. I have 3 half siblings.

I was born in New Zealand’s largest city and lived there until i was 5…when we shifted north and lived on a farm. My childhood consisted of riding my bike, running around the farm, feeding the ducks on the dam, riding over the cow race to see my best friend who lived on the next farm to us, spending my school holidays at my grandparents house at Waipu Cove with all my cousins, helping my parents with their capsicum business, playing netball on the weekend, and of course the usual school stuff. Then came the smoking phase at about 15…then the drinking and party phase from about 16-18. When I was 17 in  my final year of high school I met my husband and after I graduated we moved down to Auckland where I was supposed to go to university but didn’t. I got a job instead. From there…the sweet and innocent little girl I had been changed. My boyfriend and I had a lot of problems and cheated on each other. Fights happened. He moved home. So did I a few months later. We moved back in with our own parents until a year later when I moved in with him. His parents got sick of us and bought us a house to live in. We have been there 7  years now. In that 7 years we got married, had our daughter, started my sewing business, got bad post natal depression, I had an affair, almost split up, sorted things out and are now working to become better parents and better to each other as husband and wife. Phew.

So basically this is me in a nutshell. That’s a very quick rundown of my life so far. What’s ahead for me, who knows. (hopefully travel!! lol)

But this life is mine and mine only. No one else can be me.

Take care of yourself. Love the things that matter to you. Be fabulous. Love yourself. There is only one of you in all the world, and we only get one life to life. Make that life count.

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