Rain, rain, go away…

…come again another day.

My daughter has been singing this song for the past week. We have had such horrible stormy weather. I think we’ve had double our usual rainfall for the past month in a week. Plus the howling wind. And I’m sick of it! I have a huge Mt Washmore waiting to be tackled, which won’t be easy as our dryer decided to randomly pack a hissy fit and stop working. I want to go outside and get fresh air without getting drenched or feeling like I’m going to blow off the face of the earth.  And everything is just so cold and gloomy when it’s raining.

However. I realise I haven’t said anything since my last post. I know it was kind of a biggie..and I think I just needed some time to chill out and reflect on things. I knew I would come right, and I did. Those periods of self harming never seem to last long but when they do they are all consuming. Thankfully this time I only managed to crack for a couple of days before stopping and going “what am I DOING???!!” It’s always like this. When I’m in the middle of doing it it seems like such a good idea. However once the storm passes I feel like such an idiot for slipping again and going back to a place I don’t want to go. But hey. We are all human right, we aren’t perfect. We just do what we can to survive.

I *think* I’m in a better place again. I’ve just been chilling out, doing what I normally do aka mummy duties, wifely/house duties, work duties and a bit of sewing in the mix. But I’ve been trying to do things at a slower pace and just relax more and not get so pissed off at every little thing. I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy from the first series and that’s been nice to relax to. And I’ve changed my daughter’s daycare schedule so she goes for an extra hour in the mornings now so I can get some sewing done (as this was stressing me out big time that I never had enough time to get my orders done). Also she is now in daycare all day thursday as to give the mother in law a break. I really want to get my sewing business off the ground more, so I need to work on my motivation and just keep plugging away at it whenever I find 5 minutes to do anything. I really do like making things and I just wish I could get my customer base up a bit too.

Anyway…nothing much to say here today so I will leave it to that. Just wanted to update 🙂

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