I wrote these poems a couple of years ago when a friend had a miscarriage, and I thought I would post them here in the hopes that someone who is also going through or had a miscarriage would find some solace in the words.


I cant believe you’re gone,
its like you never left
But I’m sitting here alone,
feeling so bereft

People say they are sorry
but they don’t really know,
For the little time we spent together
how I love you so

It comforts me although you’re gone
I know you’re still around
Near to me, surrounding me
though you don’t make a sound.

There will always be a place for you
deep inside my heart
I will always be your mummy
even though we’re far apart

I just can’t understand
how could you leave me so?
I love you, I miss you
I’ll never let you go

You’re up in heaven now
watching over me,
Goodbye my little baby
Go now, be free.



I’m not quite ready yet mummy
Please let me go away
Once I am perfect
I will come back to stay

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was gone
But you already knew
I had to go, He was calling me
And so my spirit flew

I know it hurts you deeply
And I’m very sorry
But I will be back one day soon
So please try not to worry

God hasn’t finished me yet
He’s busy working away,
Making me all ready
So we can meet some day

I’ll come back to you
When the time is right
For now I’ll be here when you sleep
Hugging you all night

I know I’m not with you
Down there on the ground
I might be up in heaven now
But I will always be around

You say that I taught you something
Well you taught me something too
How you love me so very much
And I can’t wait to be with you

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One Response to Poems

  1. Dani says:

    Thank you for sharing.

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