Ahh, sleep how I’ve missed you.

Last night I had a fantastic sleep. The best sleep I’ve had in weeks. The first time I haven’t woken up once that I remember.

I’ve had so much on my mind lately – between H’s birthday part, work, stuff to do at home like decluttering etc, and my sewing orders that I haven’t had time to finish – that I’ve been finding it really hard to shut off my brain at night to sleep. Random thoughts keep crowding my brain and I will shut my eyes but they twitch so much that I have to open them again. Not very conducive to sleep! Also with H’s tummy bug I’ve been on “mummy alert” even more than normal. A little cry from her, or a weird noise and I’m jumpy, wide awake and can’t return to sleep. So to have a great night last night, ahhhh how I needed it. I think it was also a combination of it being so cold last night too, I was all snuggly in bed so slept deeper maybe? It was our first frost this morning which says a lot because where we are in town up on the hill above the city we don’t usually get a lot of frosts. I will have to take hubby’s word on this though because I didn’t venture out of bed to look! hehe

We definitely need to get into a better routine. H goes to bed so fricken late which is ridiculous I know…but we can’t seem to shift it any earlier! We will be fine for a week or so and then it slides and she’s going to bed late again! so by the time I get her into bed, it’s time for me to go to bed too. Another mummy failure. I seem to be creating a big list of these lately.

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