MAP. ECP. whatever you want to call it.

So. last night I found myself in an unexpected situation. Without too much TMI – On Monday night when we went to bed, instead of doing what we normally do and just going to sleep, we ended up kissing. Which turned into a LOT of kissing, which somehow turned into sex. It was the best sex we have had in a long time (on my part anyway lol). BUT…right in the throes of having fun I suddenly had to get off (and how hard that was!!) because DH said “shit we don’t have a condom on….”oh shit…think it’s too late”.  Considering this is our only contraception at the moment….we are usually very careful. No idea why we didn’t put one on..I think maybe we just got carried away with it in the heat of the moment. I was a bit concerned because I had been having a lot of WCM for the past few days. He said oh well if we have another baby i’m fine with it. :/

I’m totally NOT fine with it. I am absolutely terrified at the moment of having another baby. So I just cried and went to sleep. Next day I checked my fertility friend as to when I had my last period – the 9th. Oh great. Right in the fertile time period. Cue major freak out. Talked to some of my friends and they said, well if you don’t want another baby go get the morning after pill! OH why hadn’t I thought of that?!

So last night I ended up going to the chemist and getting the morning after pill / emergency conception pill. My first time ever. Was pretty embarrassing actually. So I took it with dinner and managed to keep it down (my worry because if you vomited it up you had to go get another!). And now we wait to see if it was effective. I’ve heard of a lot of people still getting pregnant after taking it, and it was almost 24 hours after IT happened too :/

So fucking typical. The ONE time that I actually REALLY enjoy sex, this happens. and now I’m put off again. grrrr.

and of course once I took the pill I was second guessing myself all night as to whether or not I should have taken it or just let nature run its course. But I do feel better for having taken it, as I really don’t want another baby. Not sure if I ever will. DH said that it was ok, that he would really love to have another one so H has a sibling and he wants a boy to carry on the family name, but that we will wait until the right time. And if the time is never right to have another one, then he’s not going to leave me over it. lol.

I just hope this doesn’t screw up  my cycle too much as I was regular (for the first time in my life) since having H. and am now wondering whether or not I should perhaps get an IUD…even though I’m scared of having one, heard too many stories of it getting lost and people needing surgery to get it out…and I also don’t want heavier periods either. And I can’t have a mirena one because of the hormones, same as why I can’t (WON’T) go on the pill again – I don’t want to risk getting depression again from the hormones. Doesn’t leave me a lot of options besides condoms and abstinence! lol. So for now, we will keep trucking with the condoms and just make sure we remember to use them!!

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