2014 – a new year, a new start.

So. Welcome to 2014.

This year I’m going to try and make a fresh start. I have so many NY resolutions that I want to achieve.

#1 – do the Auckland Round the Bays run – I have already started training for this, not sure if I will be able to actually run it, but am going to try my hardest, and if I can’t then i will just do what I can and walk the rest. Am actually loving getting out and doing some exercise, am definitely going to keep it up past the run which is on the 9th March.

#2 – declutter the house! This is a biggie, our place has soooo much junk (I am a hoarder) and DH isn’t that great either haha. We have so much stuff both upstairs and down in the garage that we haven’t used in YEARS and don’t need to hang onto. Am going to try and sell some on TM and donate some to hospice too.

#3 – Pay off debt! Finally at the end of 2013 I got approved for a credit card that had a 1.99% balance transfer offer, so we have transferred our $1400 farmers card debt over to the credit card which is going to save us heaps of money in interest. Aiming to have it all paid off by the 6 month period where the special rate ends.

#4 – save money!! Aiming to try and save at least $50 per week (especially once the debt is paid off) – want to save for a new car and a house deposit. Worked out that if we need to get a 20% deposit on a house similar to the one that DH’s parents bought that we are living in, we need to save around $70,000. if we wanted to buy it around when we were 30 we would need to be saving like $400 per week. which is just not going to happen. but I want to try and save as much as possible because I really want to buy our own house.

#5 – and possibly the biggest one of all – work on our marriage. Things have been so much better between DH & I lately but I want to keep working on it and making it even better, and have more time for us to do things together (date nights etc). Hopefully we are going to go away for a night or two soon somewhere nice (maybe coromandel or something) and leave H with her nana.

#6 – drink more water

#7 – use up fabric stash instead of buying more and more

#8 – work on my etsy shop and get it up and running

#9 – keep house tidier – vacuum more, do dishes more often, keep on top of washing etc.

I do have more resolutions probably but I can’t remember them now haha. and I think that is enough to be going on with anyway!!

I think this is going to be a good year 🙂


p.s. J has deleted / deactivated his FB page. Haven’t heard from him since like September/october now. don’t think i will again. TBH it actually doesn’t bother me now, although I do want to know if he is ok. but trying to put him completely out of my mind now, he’s in the past.

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