Ho Hum

Man..I’m sick again. Second cold in a couple of weeks! My tonsils feels so swollen up and sore 😦 DH is still not over his from last time yet either, he made himself sick from coughing again the other night, spending half the night coughing which of course keeps me up too! And H’s still been coughing at times, and she also has conjunctivitis. Le Sigh. Looking forward to the end of these bugs thats for sure! I’m just hoping she doesn’t pick up the chicken pox that’s been floating around at daycare. I’m soo tired today, feel like I could just fall asleep right now. Prob cos I only got about 6 hours sleep last night and I’m sick.

In other news…….the guy & his gf have broken up. Le Sigh again. Bringing back stupid feelings that I thought I had suppressed. But hopefully they can get back together and it was just a little speed bump. I actually wrote her a letter saying how much he loves & misses her (haven’t sent it yet though) in the hopes that she will reconsider and work things out. He was suitably impressed.

BUT ANYWAYS…I found a cool picture today on my travels – was an old couple, looked in their 80-90’s. Had been married 65 years. They were asked the secret to their success and you know what they said? That they were from a time where if things were broken, you FIX THEM instead of throwing them away. AMEN to that. That’s what I’m trying to do! Fingers crossed that we can get to being where they are by the time we are 80. That’s what I’ve always wanted, my grandparents were married for over 60 years. Let’s hope I can put all this stupid shit behind me and don’t give in to temptation again.

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