Movin on up

So. Once again, a lot has happened since I last posted. Way too much to go into. Firstly, the guy that I liked told me that he only wanted to be friends and that there was no spark for him so it wasn’t going to work. Also that he had found someone that he really liked. and now they have been together for a few months and are even thinking about moving in together. (moving fast enough!)

Then..let’s just say that I had completely had enough of DH. Had been talking to some online friends and they knew what was going on between DH & I, I’ve been telling them things for the past couple of years and they were pretty concerned and told me that he had been emotionally abusing me for years. I was pretty in denial and shocked. But then I had a look at some websites etc and realised that they were right. So Decided to leave. I ended up finally calling Womens Refuge and trying to sort out what to do from there. Ended up going to WINZ and applying for the DPB and I was going to move out to my grannys house (who just passed away 😦 ) But after the weekend that I applied for it, DH actually asked me what was wrong and I ended up telling him everything. We both spent the whole weekend crying. and talking.

So in a nutshell we decided to work things out. I cancelled the DPB application. We started actually talking and listening to each other properly. DH stopped playing Diablo3 which he was completely addicted to and was causing a lot of problems. We started having sex again (and good sex at that). Been doing a lot more things familywise and having fun together again. It almost seems like back in the old days again! Which i am very happy about. He is treating me soooooo much better now. Actually feeling happy again.

So that’s great, and it is very hard work trying to keep things going on the right path but I think we have done the right thing. Still haven’t done any counselling yet but we will get there when time permits.

In other news, I am back at work. Started last week. H has been going to daycare 3 half days a week and my MIL will be looking after her the other two full days im at work. She LOVES daycare and she settles really well. Just gives me a kiss, says bye mum and off she goes! She’s 2 now and she is getting to be such a big clever girl. She LOVES painting and drawing, and she rides her little bike a lot. The sleeping thing is going well now 🙂 (except she won’t sleep at daycare, so as soon as I get home from work I put her to bed). I’m still breastfeeding her YAY! I reached my goal! 😀 She’s had her 2 year old molars come through in the past couple of weeks, which combined with a super nasty cold that she still can’t shake the cough from  meant a bit of time of no sleep for mummy. Never mind. DH still has his cough too but I escaped lightly compared to the two of them!

We are going to go on a bit of a holiday soon hopefully so that will be great. and once we have paid off our farmers bill we are going to start saving some decent money because I want to go to Europe sometime, and we also want to take over the mortgage on the house from his parents. So definitely need money for that! Also if we have another baby anytime I want to have some decent savings in the bank for when i finish work.

Have still been doing my Heathercraft business, which is going pretty well. Still love sewing although especially now I’m back at work it is a nightmare trying to find time around work,dinners,H,bedtime etc to actually do any sewing, and I have orders STILL waiting to be finished!! Wish there were more people that actually bought things and liked my page, I only have 180 likes whereas a friend’s page has over 2000…wish more would like it!!!!

Anyway, that’s life in a nutshell right now. Going pretty well. Phew! Think I deserve it!  So glad to be happy again!! 🙂

That’s me, over and out

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