New things

So. Long time no post again! A lot has been happening lately so I haven’t had time to blog about it. Bubby is walking now! She has been for awhile now and she is really steady on her feet. It’s so cute to see her walking off down the hallway to go and wake daddy up or walking with me out to the mailbox. She’s on the go allllll the time though which is pretty draining. The only thing that will get her to sit still for awhile is watching Shrek! lol. (i pretty much know the entire movie off by heart now!)

Other things…I’m back at work for the next 7 weeks which is good because DH has no work, so he’s at home looking after H while i’m at work (the good thing is its only 12.30 until 5 so I still get to see her during the morning, then I put her to sleep and go to work).

The other new thing is I am starting up a business! Called Heathercraft on facebook – It is primarily me sewing things for babies, children and around the home. I’m loving it! HAving so much fun, and loving being creative. Have had a couple of orders already, but looking forward to more coming in. A bit hard to get sewing done while i’m at work though! Luckily i have DH onboard and he looks after H for me for a bit so I can get some done.

So yeah thats pretty much it. Oh and DH and I are getting along really well again, and we have even done the deed! 🙂 more than once! so thats good. now to just NOT get pregnant! 😛

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