Ok. Well we went to the doctors. H’s jabs went fine, she hardly even cried and didn’t even need feeding afterwards like the other times. She’s really grizzly today but its because she hasn’t pooped for a few days.

Talked to the dr about me…she doesn’t think that I have PND. Well not enough to need meds anyway. SO why am I feeling so fricken crap then?

Today is a pretty shitty day. Yelled at DH. Yelled at H. Threw the TV remotes against the wall and broke one. Cried. Managed to get H to sleep IN HER BED for like the first time in forever (which is the BEST part of my whole day!) so i’m really stoked about that, and actually dont feel like a complete failure for once. But everything else is totally pissing me off.

It was DH’s birthday yesterday and I didn’t even have a chance to get him anything because I couldn’t afford it, didn’t have time to make anything, so I feel really crap about that too.

I just don’t know what to do anymore, nothing makes me happy. Not even chocolate. *gasp!* H does make me happy when she’s laughing and smiling. So I guess that’s something….

Looking forward to the rugby tonight though, go the All Blacks! 🙂

Oh and I just want to say thanks heaps for the comments, they really do help me knowing that I’m not the only one in this boat. 🙂

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