Meddling MIL’s

Why is it that you can never do things without someone commenting or telling you that you are doing it wrong???

Lately everything that I have been doing is wrong apparently…..or so my MIL says. H is still in disposable nappies, even though I was going to be putting her in cloth, at the moment i’m just finding the disposables far easier and to be honest I just don’t have the energy to be washing cloth nappies on top of everything else i’m doing in the day. So everytime we go out to the inlaws I get MIL saying “oh is she still in those horrible plastic nappies…blahblahblah”. yeah I do feel bad that she is in disposables because I was trying not to use them because of the effect on the environment, but hey, whatever works!

Oh and we are going to try and see Harry Potter this weekend and so I went and bought a breastpump today to try and express some for her. And of course she says “you should start doing a formula feed soon to top her up”. Bloody hell, I am wanting to exclusively breastfeed her for as long as I possibly can, and I don’t want to use formula unless I absolutely HAVE TO.

and shouldn’t it be MY DECISION???? I am her mum after all. I get to decide what’s best for my baby, not someone else.


So every time she says something I am just ignoring it. I don’t have the patience to be discussing it because I will probably say something I regret. I just wish she would stop saying shit!

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2 Responses to Meddling MIL’s

  1. Nicola says:

    please do ignore it hunny!! they have the best intentions and to be honest the best thing to do is listen and then throw away the stuff you dont want to do and do it all your way, thats what iv learnt!

    it sounds like your doing a wonderful job and dont worry about the sposies, mine was in them till almost 6 months before i started cloth as the poop aint as gross then but even now shes back in sposies coz teething makes the nappies gross too…just do what YOU feel is right…mumma knows best and all!

    AND on the formula front…DONT give her top ups with it as yu body is designed to generate what she needs if theres no demand theres no increase in supply, thats what people dont get when they supplement or formula top up is that they will have to KEEP doing it as the supply wont grow with the hunger…keep it up hun your doing great!


  2. Hey H,

    Just ignore her as best as you can, you are doing exactly what is best for you and H right now 🙂 but if things start getting to stressful and you can’t confront her, make sure you have someone you can soundboard it on cos it can get very unhealthy very quickly. I think you’re doing a fab job with little miss H. xox

    P.S. definitely YOUR decision.

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