Birth story

So, this is the birth story I wrote out for an online forum I belong to. Thought I might as well post it here too. It is slightly altered from what I was actually feeling etc but I can’t be bothered to change it now.

Birth story:

Birth story:
Friday the 13th of May we had to be up at the hospital at 7am for the elective c-section, so we were up early. Got settled into my room and they checked to make sure she hadn’t turned around over night (no such luck lol) and then I had to put on a hospital gown and sexy pressure stockings lol. Then they wheeled me down to the theatre. I was so nervous! On the way down they made DH grab an incubator incase we needed it. Really started to feel real then. Then they made DH wait out in the hallway while they took me in to prep me for the surgery. Took ages! First they had to put lines in my hands for the IV’s, and then into the actual theatre room for the spinal. It was really cold in there and I was really scared so started shaking heaps, and my bottom lip kept trembling and I couldnt stop it. It took them ages to put the spinal in as the first two spots they tried didn’t work, so another anaesthatist had to come and help out, (I was getting nervous at this stage that it wasn’t going to work and that they would have to give me a general) but finally it worked and things went all hot and numb. Totally weird feeling! Then they put my legs up on the table and pushed me over to the actual operating table and did the whole 3, 2, 1 lift thing (felt like i was in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or something lol). Then the catheter was inserted and we were ready to go. They put the sheet up and I just lay there waiting for DH to be let in. Finally he came in and they started.
I wasn’t actually sure when they first started cutting as i could just feel random feelings on my belly, but then they said right you are going to feel some pressure now – and they weren’t wrong about that!! Major pressure and tugging! Then a feeling like my belly was deflating (like someone letting the air out of a balloon lol) and I knew they were bringing my little girl into the world. Sure enough there was a loud cry and they held her up over the screen. She showered me with blood and goo lol. I just started crying, couldn’t believe that she was actually here! And I couldn’t believe I was lying there with people working inside me! Really surreal. THE strangest thing I have ever been through. My little girl was screaming her lungs out while they were cleaning her down and checking to make sure she was ok, then they brought her over to me and we got a bit of skin to skin while they stitched me up. I couldn’t believe how cute and perfect she was. We decided to call her the name we had thought of way back at about 20 weeks – (I will call her H on here). Seemed like a good fit. Then they took her with DH into the recovery room to wait for me. While they were finishing up with me I started to feel really weird and i got a loud buzzing in my ears. Felt like I was going to faint but I was already lying down! Then I got pushed into the recovery room and I gave my first breastfeed. They were taking my blood pressure every couple of minutes, and they took my temp – was down at 34 degrees so they were a bit concerned and I had to be put under warming blankets and stuff, even though I felt like I was hot. Took forever for my temp to come up to 35.5 which was the temp they would let me go back up to my room at. (It actually took a couple of days to come right back up where it was supposed to be).
So we got wheeled back up to my room and I spent the rest of the day zonked out on morphine which I was hooked up to a PCA device so I could self medicate it. It made me feel really sick and so dopey and sleepy. We had a few visitors that day and I can’t actually remember very much lol. Was so spaced out. In the end by the time they brought me dinner I could only eat one bite before feeling like I was going to be sick so I stopped taking the morphine and just started on the oral pain meds. Felt a lot better after that! The next morning they got me up for a shower and so the recovery began.
The first couple of days were pretty hard with trying to manage the pain and get breastfeeding sorted. Was really hard to hold her with the IV lures still in my hands so was relieved when they took them out. I think it was the second night that was pretty bad, she was just crying and crying and I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t do much, so ended up crying with her. We came home on day 4 and started getting things sorted with our new little family.

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