So, we are at 37 weeks today. and bubs is still breech. sigh. I’ve tried going for a long walk, sex, being on hands and knees, lying on an ironing board propped against the couch, shining a torch down below and nothing has helped so far. Tonight i’m going to try putting something cold at the top of my bump and something warm down the bottom to see if that will help. Starting to get a bit discouraged. I know she will probably turn in her own time blah blah blah, but there isn’t much time left! So…i’m booked in for an ECV (external cephalic version) this friday. That is basically where an obstetrician tries to turn the baby around manually from the outside.

Am I scared? Hell yes. There are risks to the procedure, things can go wrong and end up in emergency ceasers…really hoping everything goes smoothly and she turns around (and stays around!) like she is meant to. Otherwise, I may have a baby on friday! So I’m nil by mouth for 4 hours before, so I’m going to have to set my alarm for some ungodly hour of the morning if I want any breakfast! Or it will be a looooong morning without anything as it isn’t until 10am (if the obstetrician is even available then, otherwise we will have to wait even longer!).

If this doesn’t work they are booking me in for an elective c/s at 39 weeks. Yay. just what I always wanted :/ Come on baby, I need you to turn!!! Really really want to try and avoid the c/s. Ok so if it happens, it happens, she has to come out one way or the other! But I’m bloody scared. I haven’t even had a mole cut off me before, let alone surgery like that! And everyone keeps saying “you’ll be fine”. Yeah I probably will be, but i’m still freaking!

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