A little sunshine

So while life is not all sunshine and rainbows all the time and I may be coming across as being rather down lately, I thought I had better write down a little list of some things making me smile lately.

* Feeling bubs squirming around (when she’s not hurting!)
* The weather cooling down a bit and being able to sleep better at nights (when not getting up to pee or take a heartburn tablet!)
* Watching my kitty cat play with a plastic bag that a friend sent some clothes in. She seriously loves this bag! Like she will chase it around the room, pounce on it, sleep on it, hop inside it and press her nose right up against it, and then sleep in it. she is so cute!
* Soup! I love my soup, and loving that the weather is getting cold so we can have more soup for dinner. Loving pea & ham particularly!
* DH when he randomly comes over to me and gives me a big hug (although not so easy with bubs in the way!) and says we need to have lots more hugs because this is nice ♥
* My mum & dad loving the baking that I did for mum’s birthday present, and mum saying that I gave her the best gift of all – time, because it meant she had lots of baking and she didn’t have to take the time to do any of it.
* Watching the rain clouds gathering and then the rain starting and being inside all nice and snug and warm and dry. Loving the sound of the rain against the windows and the roof and thinking about nice hot fires, and snuggling in blankets watching movies, drinking hot chocolate.
* Having my GD going really well – so well that I don’t have to see the diabetes specialist at the hospital any more!
* Getting nice little messages from friends.

I think thats a pretty good list of things so far! Hopefully there will be lots more things that make me smile over the next few days / weeks. 🙂

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