Last night

Well DH & I had a big argument last night. :/

About money and stuff. And him working (or not as the case may be). And about him affecting what we can get from WFF if he doesn’t work more.

I lost it. Yelled and screamed and sobbed. I was a wreck. I told him I just couldn’t do it anymore. lol. So we ended up having a big hug and made up but I feel like nothing much was resolved! He said that he will go back to work full time if it will make me less stressed but I can just see that leading to him quitting or something because he’s under too much pressure.

I dunno. I feel like he is the one making all the decisions and I just have to sit here and accept them…I know that in reality it’s me making the decisions but it doesn’t feel like it. At least he’s stopped going out and spending a whole lot of crap on himself so that’s good. And we haven’t been buying takeaways either.

I just don’t think he gets how expensive things are! Like he was talking about how he can afford to pay everything on his wage (his rent, power bill, our loan, etc) and then said that we would have a budget of like $100 for food…this is for 2 weeks!! How the hell can we live on $100 food for 2 weeks.??? Especially when things are so fricken expensive and they aren’t going to get any cheaper…Does he think we won’t be buying meat? Or veges? I really don’t know what goes on in his head sometimes, he needs to pull his head out of the sand I think. I am trying to buy a lot less groceries and make do with things we have and buy cheaper ingredients for meals etc, but still. $100??!! This fortnight alone we have spent just over $200, and it’s not like we got a whole lot of crap either, it was the basics and things we had run out of. I still didn’t get all that we needed either, like cat litter. Then he says well you can just bake more and cook more stuff. Yeah how can I when ingredients are so expensive! Like a block of butter costing $5. And milk at around $4 for a 2 litre. Thats like 10% of his so called food budget just there! and that doesnt give us any actual food…


So I told him to get over it and that we needed to buy food, it was non negotiable. because if I’m going to breastfeed I need to be able to feed myself well, and i’m not prepared to miss out on food just because he doesn’t want to work an extra day or few hours so we can get the extra money from WFF (in work tax credit). So he better bloody buck his ideas up or there is going to be shit hitting the fan around here.

Just relaxing at home today (listening to celine dion at the moment LOL!). I definately need a day off to myself. I’m not even going to clean or do anything useful (unless I get into a cleaning mood). and he can go F himself if he gets pissy when he gets home. I need a break. and he should have realised by now not to mess with a pregnant woman lol. 😉

still, i always feel better after a big cry like that, i think it had been building up for awhile so was good to get it out.

Right, back to relaxing! 😀

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