MIL rant

Ok, so most people don’t like their mother in laws. I love mine. Most of the time.


She is really starting to piss me off!! She has an opinion about bloody everything and she always thinks her way is the right way. Like the other day after antenatal class we popped out to see them, and we were chatting about watching the birth videos and I said that they were all natural waterbirths and it would have been quite good to see a contrast of a hospital drug birth. DH said something about how a home waterbirth would have been good and I said yeah it would have, but I can’t have that now (due to the GD). MIL said oh you can’t have a waterbirth at home! DH said, yes you can, all of the ones on the video were at home. MIL said oh, well you don’t want that anyway, it’s not a good thing. Better to be in the hospital because too much can go wrong.

AGH! Well for her information, I actually wouldn’t have minded having a waterbirth at home! We live literally like a 5 min (max) drive from the hospital, so if anything was to go wrong it would be a quick trip down the hill. Who is she to tell me that I don’t want that, how does she know what I want?! Just because its not her kind of thing, doesn’t mean that its not mine. Not that I get that option now anyways, but still.

There was something else she had an opinion on the other day too but I can’t remember now what it was…but it just bugged me! She makes you feel stupid for wanting to do something another way because it’s “not right” or you “don’t do it like that”. Yeah, maybe not back in your day but times have changed! And just because your daughter does something a certain way with her kids doesn’t mean that I have to do it the same.

Oh yeah thats right, about me going back to work. She is totally assuming that I’m going to go back to work as soon as my maternity leave is over and keeps saying “when you go back at work”…well actually, I’m planning on NOT going back. I don’t want to have my daughter in daycare (which is fricken expensive) just so I can earn a couple of hundred dollars, which I would then use to pay for daycare! I want to be AT HOME with her, watching her grow and learn things, and being there to teach her myself! Not paying someone else to do it for me! They are only little once, and for such a short time, and I’ve always wanted to be a SAHM. (whether or not I will actually be able to handle it is another thing, but I won’t know until I try, right?) What is the big deal about going back to work straight away now?? What’s wrong with staying home? Not to mention I am hoping to breastfeed, and I don’t really want to be expressing all the time and feeding her through a bottle just so I can work…and I don’t even really like my job so don’t really want to go back.

My parents are totally in the other camp, they want me to stay home because it’s best for mum & baby to spend a lot of time together etc, so I’m glad I have their support. It should be up to ME, not anyone else when I go back to work, it’s my decision, just like it was my decision to have a baby in the first place. (well DH gets some say in it, but he is keen to have me stay home as well because he knows thats what I want).

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One Response to MIL rant

  1. bamn says:

    Good on u hun. Stick to ur guns its u and dhs baby no one else’s so do it your way. The best thing I was told and tell now is :
    Listen to everyone’s advice, consider it,, then throw it away and do it your way…the way that works for u. No two babies are the same.

    Cant wait to meet miss bean

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