Hello world!

So, This is me. I’m not going to reveal a lot about myself (for now) because I want this to be my private blog that I don’t let everyone I know in on and I can talk about whatever the heck I want to!

So, I’m MummyH. I’m 25 and live in New Zealand. Live with my husband and cat. And I’m soon to be a mum in May!

How do I feel about this? Well on one hand I’m totally excited and I’m counting the days until I meet my darling little girl, on the other hand I’m scared shitless. She was planned, I have been wanting a baby for the past few years but wanted to wait until I was a bit more ready and until my husband and I got married which we did last year. We have just had our first anniversary! So I came off the pill before we got married in order to sort my cycle out as it was always pretty irregular before going on the pill. It managed to sort itself out pretty quickly which was great, and then we just started using condoms until after the wedding. I started charting using a BBT thermometer (basal body temperature) and got to know my cycle a bit before we started actually trying to conceive. When we did, it only took us 3 cycles and then on the 4th I found out I was pregnant 🙂

Right now I have just gone 30 weeks, so not much longer to go! Hence the freaking out bit I think lol. I have had a pretty easy pregnancy overall, I managed to escape the dreaded morning sickness (which I was absolutely petrified of getting because I hate throwing up!) and only got a bit of nausea when I hadn’t eaten for awhile. I’ve been getting a bit of heartburn which isn’t very pleasant and usually involves a midnight trip to the kitchen for a glass of chocolate milk and then sleeping on a tripillow for the rest of the night which usually leaves me with a sore neck! Oh and leg cramps! OUCH! Had a nasty one last night which was the first bad one I have had in awhile. Apparently eating banana’s can help as you can be lacking potassium, but yuck, no thank you. Maybe if banana cake helps then I would do it?

Aside from that, no real problems except I have developed gestational diabetes (GD). Had to do the polycose test which I failed, and then had to do a 2 hour glucose tolerance test (GTT). I failed this as well. So now I have to prick my finger 4 times a day and test my blood sugar levels, and I’m going through the diabetes clinic at the hospital and am now under an obstetrician instead of just my midwife. Well I guess that is my trade off for not getting morning sickness! You can’t go through a pregnancy completely scott free lol. So far my levels have been pretty good, and I had my first appointments yesterday at the hospital and they are pleased with how I’m doing and said I may get to go to my due date before they think about inducing me. So we will see how we go with that.

Anyway, enough waffle from me for now especially for the first post (I tend to do this a lot so bear with me).


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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. bamn2010 says:

    Yay im your first comment too 🙂
    LUV xx

  2. bamn2010 says:

    Oh and had to leave a comment on the fact that i was a GD baby and look at me now 😉 lol
    i was 8lb 8oz born but the next morning i was 7lb 14oz…and 6 days early naturally so be prepared for a slightly bigger bub 🙂

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